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How to tackle volatility if current solutions are ineffective?

11 May 2023

In our previous article, we showcased how Sales and Operations Planning and Supply Chain Control Towers are not relevant anymore in handling supply chain disruptions and providing quick decision-making.  Post-Covid, key stakeholders understand the need to advance with the advancement of technology and look forward to building a platform that can provide them better hindsight,

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Can ChatGPT completely transform supply chains?

27 April 2023

Technology is continuously advancing and Artificial Intelligence has already taken several industries by storm. The changes in our market and the evolution of technology have brought in the recent overwhelming popularity of ChatGPT, a generative AI created by OpenAI.   Gartner’s hype cycle for Artificial Intelligence predicts that generative AI will become a mature mainstream

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Supply chain analysis of the electronic industry

30 March 2023

In the last decade, innovation in the electronic industry took a huge leap. It is projected that the demand surge will help the consumer electronics industry to reach a revenue of $723.6 billion in 2023, which will be 31.9% more than in 2022. While demand is increasing rapidly, supply is not so much. With several

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Aviation Industry is reforming its operations with upcoming trends

2 March 2023

Renewed operations of the aviation industry highlighted several existing supply chain issues.   As Patrick Waddick, President of Innovation & Operations at Cirrus Aircrafts, explained, the lead time for electronic components has increased from 18 to 30 weeks. High demand and accelerated production came along with shortages of raw materials, increased energy costs, and logistical

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holiday season

How to deliver that present under the Christmas tree in time?

24 November 2022

Ho! Ho! Ho! The holiday season is here!  The holiday season puts much pressure on parents and the retail industry. Almost 30% of the annual demand happens between Black Friday and Christmas. Insiderintelligence projects this year’s US retail sales will reach 1.26$ trillion, which puts a lot of pressure on the supply chains.    There

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Sustainable Practices across the globe

27 October 2022

The market today is still highly volatile. Our supply chains are getting global and highly complex. A recent article published in the Oxford Economics study outlines why companies need to balance cost efficiency with the sustainability of their supply chains.  Despite several roadblocks, many organizations are putting high efforts into balancing the bottom and green

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Retailers learning and growing with data and AI

7 July 2022

Today, big data is not confined to technology changes but how it is actually connecting your customers to your brand/ company. It is true that the e-commerce boom is putting brick-and-mortar stores in a difficult position to compete but several physical retail store owners are using first-hand technology to enhance their customer experience based on

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sustainable supply chain

The need of the hour: A sustainable supply chain

23 June 2022

After facing the adverse effects of uncertainties, buyers, suppliers, employees, and investors are becoming increasingly aware of their environmental responsibility. According to Forbes, Climate change and ESG have become business priorities for global supply chains, and there is a strong favor for planet-friendly competition.    A company’s supply chain is the biggest source of carbon

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data maturity

How to assess your data correctly for a better analysis?

9 June 2022

In our previous article, we discussed the importance of correctly optimizing the data and how it impacts organizations positively. The next logical question that arises is how mature companies are in their data.    But how well are the companies using their data to drive valuable outcomes? Simply put, In simple terms, data maturity is

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