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Thermoplastics caught in the storm faced with raw material price rises

19 April 2021

Just behind the metal industry, feverish price rises have also reached the plastics market, with a notable 30% overall increase in the price of PVC since September.  Faced with this unprecedented situation, the French Construction Plastics Union (Union Plasturgie Bâtiment) has published an open letter to the French Ministry of the Economy, Finance, and the

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The metallurgy sector facing a sharp rise in the price of raw materials

1 April 2021

The first lockdown in March 2020 caused a sudden halt in economic activity and, therefore, a drop in demand, and for more than a year, many metallurgical companies have been reducing or stopping operations altogether. Although demand is now picking up, the market is facing a new challenge: the shortage of raw materials, and prices

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Taking off the aerospace industry

31 March 2021

The consequences of COVID-19 on the aerospace industry The airline industry has been losing altitude for several months, with many airlines seeing traffic reduced to less than 50%, mainly because of the travel restrictions we are facing around the world. This has also had an impact on employment. Around 300,000 are currently employed in the

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For increased collaboration within the pharmaceutical industry

10 March 2021

“Collaborations within the pharmaceutical industry, such as the one announced between Sanofi and BioNtech, should be encouraged and developed”. This is the message from Ursula Von der Leyen to a pharmaceutical industry currently struggling to meet global demand for COVID-19 vaccines. This call for collaboration between the different players is far from insignificant, and the

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[Webinar] How to forecast and optimize your inventories in a volatile market?

8 March 2021

From inventory shortages to supply difficulties, COVID-19 has disrupted every supply chain. Since the first lockdown in March 2020, the impact has been clear to see: some companies have been forced to slow down activity, if not stop completely. Others, on the other hand, have had to accelerate production. COVID-19, revealing the weaknesses in supply

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I was frustrated daily about MRP replenishment plans and I finally found the solution

15 December 2020

It is with great confidence that I took a position as a procurement planner for Yoplait / General Mills early 2019. After all, I had several years of experience in the Supply Chain world. I started my career at Bel group for 4 years, joining as a production planner and then evolving in the implementation

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This thing made me switch job during the lockdown

25 August 2020

Two Weeks ago, I joined Flowlity, a tech Company that revolutionizes Supply Chain Planning thanks to a SaaS Solution. Yes, I had a full-time position in a great company and yes, I made the move during the lockdown with a potential economic crisis ahead. Sounds crazy right? Actually no. After a couple of talks with

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beer game

How we killed the bullwhip effect and the beer game!

23 June 2020

Divide your inventories by 2 while decreasing shortages. What a bold statement we claim! This article aims at explaining how it is possible to achieve such outcomes with numerical simulations and simple cases. We will explain below with simulations the two main differentiators of Flowlity : dynamic safety stock and extended Supply Chain synchronization.  

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DDMRP is already obsolete. Brace yourself for the future of Supply Chain Planning !

26 May 2020

The DDMRP* method was invented by Carol Ptak and Chad Smith in 2011. I participated in the first European training session of the DDMRP in May 2013 given by Carol Ptak in Paris. I am therefore a CDDP (Certified Demand Driven Professional) from the very beginning. I was impressed at first sight by what Ms.

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