Managing Relentless Pressure in Materials Management

27 September 2023

Firefighting mode in materials management is an unrelenting battle where individuals are thrust into the chaos of unexpected supply chain disruptions, delays, and stockouts. This relentless pressure can take an emotional toll on supply chain directors and their teams as they grapple with data that no longer reflects the ever-shifting reality.    How does this

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The Human Element in Intelligent Material Management

8 September 2023

Effective management of raw materials is the cornerstone of profitability and competitiveness in today’s business landscape.  With the emergence of Intelligent Material Management Systems (IMMS), the synergy between automation and human expertise has become paramount.   Understanding Intelligent Material Management Intelligent Material Management Solutions (IMMS) are the cornerstone of efficient operations. IMMS expertly combines artificial

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Raw Material

A New Paradigm in Raw Material Management: The Rise of IMMS

24 August 2023

In a world where the availability of essential raw materials is increasingly prone to disruptions, ranging from critical energy resources like oil and gas to vital agricultural commodities such as grains, water, fertilizers, and lithium for battery production, a question arises: Can supply chains be revolutionized to manage these disruptions effectively?    Forecasts by the

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Meet Grégoire Reuter: A Key Member of the Flowlity Team

10 August 2023

In this article, we are thrilled to introduce you to one of our key team members, Grégoire Reuter – Head of Product at Flowlity. Please introduce yourself and explain what brought you to Flowlity.   Greg: Sure! I have been working in product management for five years and joined Flowlity a year and a half

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Navigating Building Material Disruptions

6 July 2023

The building materials industry is experiencing a surge in demand, driven by growth in construction and infrastructure projects. According to Fortune Business Insights, “the global construction materials market size is projected to grow from $1,320.01 billion in 2023 to $1,729.62 billion by 2030”. As industry professionals strive to meet this escalating demand, navigating building material

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Use Case: Streamlining Home Design to Avoid Overstock and Shipping Delays

22 June 2023

Pandemic restrictions ended, but working from home is still quite popular worldwide. With deepened housing crisis affecting majorly renters, many customers are striving to be house owners.    Given the rise of digitalization, e-commerce, and limited working hours, customers are opting to design their dream homes online at the click of a button instead of

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Adoption of Supply Chain 4.0 in the FMCG Industry

8 June 2023

Markets are changing drastically, and consumer demands are increasing erratically.  Supply chain complexities in FMCG companies increased in the 80s when labor became cheaper in third-world countries, and the trade agreements became lenient, which still continue to exist with more and more variables.   With a high reliance on perishable goods, overstocking became one of

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supply chain

How to tackle volatility if current solutions are ineffective?

11 May 2023

In our previous article, we showcased how Sales and Operations Planning and Supply Chain Control Towers are not relevant anymore in handling supply chain disruptions and providing quick decision-making.  Post-Covid, key stakeholders understand the need to advance with the advancement of technology and look forward to building a platform that can provide them better hindsight,

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Can ChatGPT completely transform supply chains?

27 April 2023

Technology is continuously advancing and Artificial Intelligence has already taken several industries by storm. The changes in our market and the evolution of technology have brought in the recent overwhelming popularity of ChatGPT, a generative AI created by OpenAI.   Gartner’s hype cycle for Artificial Intelligence predicts that generative AI will become a mature mainstream

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