holiday season

How to deliver that present under the Christmas tree in time?

24 November 2022

Ho! Ho! Ho! The holiday season is here!  The holiday season puts much pressure on parents and the retail industry. Almost 30% of the annual demand happens between Black Friday and Christmas. Insiderintelligence projects this year’s US retail sales will reach 1.26$ trillion, which puts a lot of pressure on the supply chains.    There

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Strengthening supply chains during Inflation

10 November 2022

Covid, war, and several other ongoing disruptions have increased the struggles of the countries like the USA, Europe, and a larger part of Asia with inflation. Simply a price rise amidst inflation is going to hurt the customer drastically. In November 2021, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) increased by 6.8% compared to the previous year,

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Sustainable Practices across the globe

27 October 2022

The market today is still highly volatile. Our supply chains are getting global and highly complex. A recent article published in the Oxford Economics study outlines why companies need to balance cost efficiency with the sustainability of their supply chains.  Despite several roadblocks, many organizations are putting high efforts into balancing the bottom and green

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retail industry

Is CPFR still relevant to our supply chains?

7 October 2022

Today 84% of the retail industry still relies on an ERP system to manage their inventory needs. But is it efficient enough in today’s digital era? As the market continues to grow increasingly complex, unpredictable, and volatile, it has become more vital than ever for retailers to control the different parameters in their supply chain

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supply chain

Challenges faced by companies in their supply chain growth

22 September 2022

Market disruption is a continuous event; therefore, logistics and supply chain have become core priorities of companies. These issues are not only a matter of money but also a source of competitive advantage.   29% of consumers do not wait for a replacement in case of shortages (Ifop, Wincor Nixdorf survey). In other words, availability is

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How do we overcome the challenges of growth in supply chains?

1 September 2022

The health crisis was the final blow for some companies and an extraordinary accelerator for others. In just three months, e-commerce, for example, has experienced the equivalent of 10 years of growth. In addition, new socio-economic and behavioral models have been created during this period, which has contributed to the shaping of various consumption patterns

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Introducing Cécile Degouge, our Customer Success Manager!

18 August 2022

This summer, we bring back our meet-the-team sessions!  Today we introduce our Customer Success Manager, Cécile Degouge!   Let us begin the interview by briefly introducing yourself and what your typical day looks like. Cécile: I am Cécile Degouge and I joined Flowlity 2 year ago. When I joined the company, there were only 10

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Introducing Jessica Bismuth, our Supply chain Consultant!

4 August 2022

This summer, we bring back our meet-the-team sessions!  Today we introduce our Supply chain Consultant Jessica Bismuth.   Let us begin the interview with a brief introduction about yourself, and what your normal day looks like.  Jessica: I am Jessica Bismuth, I am working in the pre/sales and delivery teams at Flowity since February 2022. Majorly,

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Megan Keith

Introducing Megan Keith our Sales Development Representative!

21 July 2022

This summer, we bring back our meet-the-team sessions! We begin with our Sales Development Representative Megan Keith, to kick off our introductions!    Hello Megan, let us start with an introduction about yourself and what brought you to Flowlity? Megan: Hello, I am Megan Keith, and I am a Canadian. I have lived my whole life

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