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The nonsense behind the current definition of inventory policies

29 April 2020

For years, the question ‘what is the right level of stock’ has been at the core of every organization. Being able to precisely determine that level allows to minimize the cost of inventory while achieving the target service level that allows to reach the desired brand positioning. However, we are forced to notice that nowadays

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Flowlity: Why and how to divide inventories and shortages by 2?

7 April 2020

The starting point Most companies are not really aware of the true cost of holding inventory. Every year, billions of dollars are lost in the distribution and manufacturing sectors: either in shortages or in excess inventory. See (1). In 2020, most companies are equipped with an ERP and have a good visibility over their current

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covid-19 supply chain

Covid-19: How to answer it and adapt our Supply Chains?

26 March 2020

The Coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis is probably the most important test the world has faced in the 21st century up to now. In just a few weeks, we have seen the health situation and the planet evolve in a completely unknown direction. What is most striking is that the impact is considerable both on society as

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Matrix Europe SC Startups

Supply Chain Media : Maturity matrix of European Supply Chain Startups

3 March 2020

Source :

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Supply Chain Movement: “Supply chain start-up in the spotlight: Flowlity”

29 February 2020

Flowlity was founded in Paris, France, in 2018, with the aim of building intelligent yet straightforward and low-cost supply chain software that delivered real results by streamlining material flows. The result is an inventory optimization (management and replenishment) and supply chain planning solution that enables companies to reduce their inventory by as much as half.

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