Big data : The valuable ally of E-Commerce

Big data : The valuable ally of E-Commerce

30 November 2021

E-Commerce is currently facing various challenges with an increasingly competitive global market, more exigent and volatile customers, a larger number of orders to process and so on.  The question that e-commerce operators must address themselves is the following one : How do I meet my clients expectations and still stand out from the competition ?

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Idir Hamaz

Meet Idir Hamaz, R&D engineer

15 November 2021

1. Hi Idir, would you like to introduce yourself in a few words? My name is Idir Hamaz and I will soon turn 30 years old. In 2018, I received a Ph.D. in operational research, and since March 2020, I have been working as a research engineer at Flowlity and working on problems linked to

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Convenience and the E-commerce supply chain

Convenience and the E-commerce supply chain

19 October 2021

Over recent years, distributors have been confronted with growing complexity, rising consumer expectations, and an increasingly competitive global market. With the pandemic and the dominance of e-commerce, the changes have further accelerated. Hence, bringing with them unprecedented levels of digitalization, and forcing companies to completely review their e-commerce supply chain processes. Managing expectations: the challenge

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Jérémie Serout

E-commerce trends: Tips by Jeremie Serout!

28 September 2021

What are the the latest trends and best practices in e-commerce?  Jérémie Serout, Sales Manager at parcelLab is sharing tips and customer stories with us! Happy reading!   Hello! Would you like to start by briefly telling us a bit about yourself? My name is Jérémie Serout, and I have been lucky enough to work

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E-commerce, ecology and continuous improvement

7 September 2021

Every year, nearly $2 trillion is lost worldwide due to poor inventory management in the retail industry.  Even if the situation was previously considered “acceptable”, everything may be turned upside down next January. Having been voted in by the French National Assembly in December 2019, new anti-waste legislation, which includes a ban on destroying unsold

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Raphael Cousin

Meet Raphael Cousin: Data Engineer

24 August 2021

Hi Raphael, could you tell us a bit about yourself in a few words? I’m Raphael Cousin, and I’m a data engineer at Flowlity. I’m responsible for the data pipeline of our SaaS solution as well as the quality of data on the different layers of our product. Also, the robustness of the different transformation

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Meet Arnaud Cadas: R&D Engineer

10 August 2021

Hello, Arnaud. Could you give us a brief introduction of yourself? My name is Arnaud Cadas, and I am 26 years old. I joined the Flowlity research team after completing a PhD in applied mathematics at ENS in Paris. Today, I work on demand forecasting, machine learning, and inventory optimization.   If you had to

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Karim Benchaaboun

Meet Karim Benchaaboun: CTO

26 July 2021

Hello Karim, could you introduce yourself in a few words? My name is Karim Benchaaboun, I am co-founder and CTO of Flowlity, and I’m in charge of the product, research and development. I have an engineering background in applied mathematics, and before I started this venture, I worked as a machine learning engineer at Criteo.

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Raw material scarcity and supply chain resilience

Shortage in the glass industry: Read Olivier Douard’s analysis

13 July 2021

The industrial world is currently experiencing unprecedented shortages. Metals, plastics, building materials, and especially in the glass industry. While companies are barely recovering from the health crisis, these new upheavals are undermining France’s economic recovery. Olivier Douard, Technical Delegate at UDIVP (Union des Installateurs de Verre Plat, a French association for glass professionals), gives us

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