This summer, we bring back our meet-the-team sessions! 

Today we introduce our Customer Success Manager, Cécile Degouge!


Let us begin the interview by briefly introducing yourself and what your typical day looks like.

Cécile: I am Cécile Degouge and I joined Flowlity 2 year ago. When I joined the company, there were only 10 people here, and now we have grown to 30! It is amazing to see the growth! I work as Customer Success Manager in the Delivery Team. I am the middle man between the customers and our team. My job mainly involves helping our customers implement the tool and ensure they get value for their money with our services. 


You had a semester abroad in Vienna, Austria. Tell us one memory that you brought back.

CécileAh! I remember one thing the most. I loved going to the Opera! Opera was relatively cheap for students, and it was a fun way to learn German, with songs and music, and discover many cultures. Before going to Austria, I went to Germany for an internship and wanted to continue learning German in Vienna.


That sounds interesting for Opera lovers! What about your weekend? What does a typical weekend look like for you?

CécileWell, I love to do a lot of sports! I ran my first marathon a few months ago. I enjoy going out and running in the sunny Lyon. I recently discovered rowing and met some wonderful people during that time. I work from home most of the time, so I prefer to go out and meet my family and friends on the weekends as well.


That sounds amazing! Tell me, what do you think about the Flowlity environment?

Cécile: I have worked in MNCs before, and there are processes set in stone for a long time. When I came to Flowlity, it was amazing to see the autonomy we got! I was amongst the first ones here, so we did several trial runs and made our own processes. The best part is two years later, we can still do that! We are a team of young adults, where everyone is super intelligent, fun, and accommodating. We are still in a testing phase, making changes as we go and learning from each other and our mistakes.


What is the one activity you suggest someone do when they are in your city, Lyon? 

Cécile: When you are in Lyon you can take a bike or go for a walk near the Rhône river. There are some boats where you can sit and have a glass of wine if you like. If you are visiting Lyon, I would suggest René Nardone, and they have amazing ice-creams! I love artisan ice-creams a lot! 


Sounds delicious! Last question, can you describe Flowlity in 3 words?

Cécile: That isn’t easy to choose! I believe it is:

AUTONOMOUS: We are learning a lot all the time! As I said earlier, we are still in the beta phase, giving us much flexibility.

FUN: We have a lot of team bonding activities, and even during our brainstorming sessions, we are always full of laughs and jokes.

INNOVATIVE: We need to innovate a lot, especially in the software industry. I feel Flowlity is just the place to do it!