This summer, we bring back our meet-the-team sessions! 

Today we introduce our Supply chain Consultant Jessica Bismuth.


Let us begin the interview with a brief introduction about yourself, and what your normal day looks like. 

Jessica: I am Jessica Bismuth, I am working in the pre/sales and delivery teams at Flowity since February 2022. Majorly, I am responsible for managing existing and prospecting customers’ projects and understanding their supply chain needs and pain points. 

In the delivery team, our customers are our priority. We have various workshop sessions with customers to ensure we implement Flowlity in the most relevant way for them. I also conduct Q&A sessions with the customers to answer any questions they may have on the app. Further, I share user feedback with our product team to help our brainstorming sessions on application improvement. On the pre-sales side, most of my time goes into improving our demos for our prospects based on market research. Every day is a different adventure!


As you work in two teams, tell us one thing you like and one thing you would like to change about your team!

Jessica: Oh interesting question.

We are 3 people in the delivery team. One thing I like the most about our team is that we have a lot of fun! Our job can be difficult sometimes, and it is always amazing to see how we can talk business and crack a joke at the same time. We share our experiences with the customers and bond during those sessions to have a better and more productive outcome.

Unfortunately, all three of us live in different cities. It is hard for us to meet physically. One thing I would change is this: I would love to meet my team as often as possible. 


You are a true Parisian, tell us one thing we cannot miss in your city. 

Jessica: The thing that I love the most is that you can walk around and just get lost to discover the city. Take a bike or walk and you will discover some great buildings, statues, and even some nice restaurants. Especially in the warm weather these days! Also, I would highly recommend you to try, Magret de Canard with fried potatoes


You went to the University of California. Can you share one fond memory that you brought back?

Jessica: It’s been quite some time. I remember, at the end of our program, with a friend, we rented a car and went on a 2-week long road trip. We visited Los Angeles, and Las Vegas, and did camping, even though it was freezing cold outside. It was quite an intense trip, but so many wonderful memories. 


Amazing! In the last question, describe Flowlity in 3 words. 

Jessica: Ah! I never thought about it. But I think we are, 

AGLIE: Everything is constantly changing and moving around here. We have a lot of opportunities to run hit and trial methods. We benefit from the positive outcomes and learn from the negative.

NICE: It sounds simple, but it is what is it. Everyone is super nice and it makes a positive environment to work in.

INTERNATIONAL: We have people from literally everywhere. Be it India, Canada, Portugal, or Algeria. Flowlity is only based in France but is full of different cultures and ethnicities.