Hello, Arthur. Could you give us a brief introduction of yourself?

Arthur Llau

I am Arthur Llau, and I am Head of Artificial Intelligence at Flowlity. My job is to use historical data to provide companies with better visibility of the future.

I joined Flowlity in September 2019 at the very beginning of the adventure. Before that, I worked in AI but in the field of aeronautics. In particular, I co-invented OptiFlight, a solution to reduce fuel consumption for commercial flights. It’s nicknamed the ‘Waze of aeronautics’.

I am a great enthusiast which has led me to participate in many machine learning competitions and even win some of them. I have been in the Top 3 on Kaggle in France and in the Top 100 in the world.


If you had to describe your job in 3 words:

Management: I manage a team of four people at Flowlity.

We hope the team will continue to grow with the company’s ambitions.

Research: My job involves keeping up with the latest cutting-edge tools, algorithms and papers.

Then, we then think about how they might be useful and test them where appropriate, all while continuing to innovate on more advanced topics specific to our research area.

The customer remains our main priority and everything we explore, we do with them in mind. We therefore prioritise our activities based on the potential benefits and improvements for our customers and the amount of time that each project requires.

Observation: I like to look at the latest developments and think about the impact it could have on our product, whether it be the latest articles on machine learning, deep learning or machine learning conferences and competitions. I try to see how these could help generate innovative and really concrete solutions.

But above all, we try not to limit ourselves to our field and we consider a wide range of possibilities: NLP, signal theories, computer vision, etc. There are many interesting advances that we could make use of.

The goal is to provide the most efficient solution possible to our customers.


What is your typical day like?

I don’t have a typical day. Of course, I have a lot of interaction with the technical team but I also work with the business teams.

The only thing that occurs regularly each day is our daily stand-up. We apply an agile method which can adapt to research.


How do you interact with customers?

I present most of the analysis and results of our projects. I also train customers in AI and help them understand the technology: Why this and that method? Why does it work? What makes us different from our competitors?

This is an interesting exercise that I always enjoy!


Why Flowlity?

I met Karim and Jean-Baptiste very early on in the Flowlity adventure. I was one of the first employees. They convinced me right away. They had stars in their eyes when talking about their project, and they have a vision and the ambition to change the supply chain world. That’s what convinced and motivated me.