A masterclass in AI!

Artificial Intelligence and Supply Chain

PS5, microchips, metals, plastics… 2021 was the year of all kinds of product failures. If the origins of these disruptions are to be blamed on the health crisis entirely, then that would be wrong. The pandemic only highlighted the weaknesses of the systems.

In this context :

How should we rethink safety stocks?
How can we move from a deterministic to a probabilistic approach?
How can new technologies help us to better manage the volatility of the environment?

Arnaud Cadas, Ph.D. and R&D engineer, shared his knowledge of artificial intelligence and the latest advancement in the field.

Request the replay and discover how AI allows you to limit risks and disruptions in your supply chain through the probabilistic approach!

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Learn how to :

Rethink your safety stocks

Move from determinism to resilience

Mitigate volatility

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