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Forecasting, planning, and optimizing each of your components or product at each of your supply chains decoupling points to enhance your current ERP/MRP. Flowlity helps you to forecast, provide end-to-end inventory planning, replenish optimization, and reduce shortages.


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A unique solution:

  1. Simple, user-centric, and friendly app
  2. Proven approach of resilient planning
  3. Enhance your MRP to prevent shortages and overstocking
  4. Visibility all across your supply chain


Flowlity’s solution combines artificial intelligence and supply chain expertise to give you back control of your supply chain and navigate through uncertainty.


Manage raw material stock levels and procurement more efficiently! Flowlity automates planning and alerts users to potential issues.

  • Visualize predicted consumptions and min-max recommendations computed by the algorithms
  • Plan replenishments and keep control: we don’t provide you with a single figure but a min and max to help you make better decisions
  • React to predicted inventory issues (alerts on overstocks or shortages)

drive stock levels and procurement

Track orders sent to suppliers and those received from customers


Plan and track orders sent to suppliers and those received from customers:

  • Group replenishment orders to be sent to internal or external suppliers
  • Verify that all operational constraints are met (MOQ, lot sizes, full truckload, etc.)
  • Monitor incoming supplier shipments and outgoing customer shipments



Have a complete view of changes in future demand. Our demand-sensing algorithms significantly improve forecast accuracy and help you to:

  • Visualize and manage forecasts for sales and consumption demand
  • Monitor product life cycles (new product, end of life, etc.)
  • Manage promotional events
  • Slice and dice to visualize forecasts

Artificial intelligence algorithms for Supply chain solution