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Our SaaS and web application allows us to deploy our solution in a simple way, without any lengthy and costing project.

To synchronize your Supply Chain, Flowlity is easily implemented in four steps:

1 J-0

We integrate with your existing systems: ERP, Excel files, APS…
We integrate your historical data and train our algorithms on it.

2 M+2

We give you access to the application and recommendations calculated thanks to AI. You can then start to plan your supply and stocks.

3 M+3

We include your suppliers by providing them our DEMAND module, so they have access to a forecast that is more reliable than ever.

4 M+6

We integrate your suppliers by deploying there the PLANNING and ORDER modules. By doing this, your recommendations are substantially improved. You have a significant competitive advantage in your supply chain management.

Flowlity’s approach is new, revolutionary and unique in the world. It makes the Supply Chain more resilient to potential disruptions.

We were thus able to observe stock reductions from 30% to 60% while decreasing stock-outs from 10% to 60% on the first ten customers.
These results were observed independently of the industrial sector (high-tech, automotive, aerospace, or retail).

stock reductions-30% to -60%
stock reductions


decreasing stock-outs-10% to -60%
decreasing stock-outs


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