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Flowlity provides three modules which will give you back the control of your supply chain:


The planning module allows to drive stock levels and procurement. Flowlity will automate plans and then alert the user about the products where incidents could come.
The planning interface will guide the user so that they constantly remain between a minimum value (which ensures the right service level) and a maximum value (which prevents overstocking).

drive stock levels and procurement

Track orders sent to suppliers and those received from customers


The order module allows you to plan and track orders sent to suppliers and those received from customers.
You can view status and specific constraints attached to a particular order. Once the order has been confirmed, it is sent to your ERP to carry out administrative processing.


The demand module provides a transparent vision of future demand evolution for finished products. Artificial intelligence algorithms and the connection with customers data will significantly improve forecast accuracy.

Artificial intelligence algorithms for Supply chain solution