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Simple and innovative solution for your inventory optimization

Our award-winning and state-of-the-art planning platform helps leading companies make a difference! A highly scalable and robust solution to plan your inventories end-to-end:


Flowlity for Raw Materials

Forecasting, planning, and optimizing each of your components or product at each of your supply chains decoupling points to enhance your current ERP/MRP:
    • Forecast consumption
    • Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization
    • Replenishment optimization


Flowlity for Finished goods

Anticipate and fulfill demand with the right inventory level of finished goods
  • Forecast Sales
  • MEIO
  • Replenishment & Distribution optimization

Flowlity for Tactical planning and S&OP

Drive growth and operational efficiency through better decisions across your supply chain
  • Simulations on inventory strategy
  • Alerting and workflow mechanisms
  • Visualize past and future performance
  • Collaborate and act
  • Automatic updates of safety stock strategies inside the ERPs


Supplier portal

Improve collaboration and supplier reliability and gain visibility on your extended supply chain
  • Visibility on all orders and forecast (future sales)
  • Better collaboration
  • Suppliers reliability improvement