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Jean-Baptiste Clouard and Karim Benchaaboun

Flowlity Raises €5 Million: Jean-Baptiste Clouard and Karim Benchaaboun Answer our Questions

10 March 2022

Do you remember when you first started? Flowlity was launched in 2019 with COVID-19 just on the horizon! How did the crisis impact your operations? JB: The health crisis has more or less always been in the background for Flowlity. The hardest part was building our client portfolio between March and May. For those three

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Supply chain and environmental risks

18 May 2021

Since the health crisis began, supply chains have suffered unprecedented strain and disruption. While COVID-19 has brought their weaknesses and lack of resilience to the foreground, supply chains have become more crucial than ever before. But should we expect further upheaval? According to CDP, who collects environmental data from 8,000 companies, environmental risks could directly

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Thermoplastics and struggles with raw material price rises

19 April 2021

Just behind the metal industry, feverish price rises have also reached thermoplastics, with a notable 30% overall increase in the price of PVC since September.  Faced with this unprecedented situation, the French Construction Plastics Union (Union Plasturgie Bâtiment) has published an open letter to the French Ministry of the Economy, Finance, and the Recovery, claiming that

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For increased collaboration within the pharmaceutical industry

10 March 2021

“Collaborations within the pharmaceutical industry, such as the one announced between Sanofi and BioNtech, should be encouraged and developed”. This is the message from Ursula Von der Leyen to a pharmaceutical industry currently struggling to meet global demand for COVID-19 vaccines. This call for collaboration between the different players is far from insignificant, and the

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Why to chose Flowlity?

25 August 2020

Two Weeks ago, I joined Flowlity, a tech Company that revolutionizes Supply Chain Planning thanks to a SaaS Solution. Yes, I had a full-time position in a great company and yes, I made the move during the lockdown with a potential economic crisis ahead. Sounds crazy right? Actually no. After a couple of talks with

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covid-19 supply chain

Covid-19: How to answer it and adapt our Supply Chains?

26 March 2020

The Coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis is probably the most important test the world has faced in the 21st century up to now. In just a few weeks, we have seen the health situation and the planet evolve in a completely unknown direction. What is most striking is that the impact is considerable both on society as

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