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Synchronization: real need or new buzzword?

23 June 2021

Written by Jean-Baptiste Clouard Surely like me you are seeing this word “synchronization” more and more on your Linkedin Feed. What does it exactly mean and why are people talking about it more and more? https://www.linkedin.com/posts/leonor-cristovao-14512725_synchronized-planning-and-fulfillment-activity-6803066581132955648-bpoM   I have worked in supply chain tech for more than 10 years now and have even created a

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Supply chain and environmental risks

18 May 2021

Since the health crisis began, supply chains have suffered unprecedented strain and disruption. While COVID-19 has brought their weaknesses and lack of resilience to the foreground, supply chains have become more crucial than ever before. But should we expect further upheaval? According to CDP, who collects environmental data from 8,000 companies, environmental risks could directly

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Flowlity: Why and how to divide inventories and shortages by 2?

7 April 2020

The starting point Most companies are not really aware of the true cost of holding inventory. Every year, billions of dollars are lost in the distribution and manufacturing sectors: either in shortages or in excess inventory. See (1). In 2020, most companies are equipped with an ERP and have a good visibility over their current

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