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We use advanced machine learning algorithms and statistics to generate reliable and stable consumption or sales forecasts with little implementation and training effort.

Our results are accurate but can be easily understood by users. Flowlity was not built to be a black box but to be a solution to help users make better decisions.



By adjusting our minimum and maximum stock recommendations and continuously improving forecasts using AI, we are able to reduce inventory further for the same level of service and reduce shortages.

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  • is highly scalable
  • takes into account significant relationships between products during the learning process
  • calculates the probability of an event happening and its forecast value
  • delivers intelligent safety-stock recommendations
  • provides simple forecasts for products with little historical data
  • provides daily to yearly forecasts
  • uses Probabilistic Forecasting


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Mixing AI and supply chain expertise to revolutionize demand sensing

Based on best-in-class AI algorithms, we offer a brand-new, flow-based approach inspired by DDMRP and the latest trends in Supply Chain Planning.


We even go further by tackling two drawbacks of DDMRP:

  • DDMRP relies on static settings (like coefficients based on volatility and lead time). These parameters need to be updated based on empirical knowledge of the actual situation.
  • DDMRP doesn’t consider optimization of the extended supply chain in order to prevent the bullwhip effect.



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