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Easily implemented via a SaaS architecture, Flowlity goes further by requiring no configuration from users. The tool directly provides forecasts, visualizations, and instantly actionable recommendations. This is Forecast as a Service:

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Forecast as a Service:

  • Easy implementation and maintenance: all we need is to retrieve your consumption history (often easily extracted from your ERP). We can start generating forecasts that get better and better thanks to our self-learning algorithms. No extensive project or training effort is required to start using the tool.
    For example, we provide native integration with SAP and are currently building other partnerships.
  • Keep control: instead of providing a single “correct” figure, Flowlity recommends maintaining inventory levels between a minimum and a maximum boundary to avoid shortages and overstocks. This intuitive approach makes the decision-making process easy for planners and is also an important driver of user adoption.



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