Transform Your Supply Chain with Intelligent Materials Management

Mission control to manage your materials with confidence!

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product availability

Reduce shortages and overstocking while optimizing cash flow with Flowlity

Powered by AI, our solution proactively manages unforeseen disruptions and optimizes inventory levels. It provides better control over materials management and fosters seamless collaboration with suppliers

A single platform to tackle all your material management challenges with confidence:

Forecasting and Planning

Enhance your MRP with our solution! Achieve better signals for better reliability. Dynamically adjust inventory buffers to mitigate risks to prevent an imbalance of raw materials and component inventories, as well as eliminate any unclear replenishment strategies.

S&OP and Supply Chain Strategy

Real-time monitoring and reporting, enabling data-driven decisions and fine-tuned strategies. With increased visibility and control, you can align your operations with your business goals, leading to increased efficiency and cost savings.

Operations and Production Planning

Full support of the supply chain team’s daily activities. Get alerts, and spot potential shortages and issues even before they occur!

Supplier Collaboration

Flowlity facilitates communication and collaboration. Monitoring supplier performance and taking swift actions has never been easier, ensuring reliability and fostering continuous improvement throughout your supply chain.

Why Flowlity

An integrated solution to increase material availability and optimize stocks

Best-in-class AI to optimize inventory levels

Optimized supplier communication

Enhanced supply and inventory strategies

Designed to put raw materials at the core of your business

Seamless IT integration