flowlity Simplified


Our SaaS planning solution is so simple that it will take you only minutes to use it and take back control of your inventories. Flowlity alerts you proactively so that you can solve any potential issue before it happens.

flowlity Synchronized


Flowlity is synchronizing your company with your direct suppliers and customers by acting as an intelligent 3rd party. You can get the benefits of full visibility without the drawbacks of sharing data.

flowlity Reinvented


Flowlity has reinvented the classical Inventory optimization algorithms by harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence and its 3rd party network. This gives the solution a significant advantage against any other on the market: fewer stocks, fewer shortages.

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Meet the team

We are a tech startup that aims to revolutionize and disrupt the old world of the supply chain software sector. And for that, we needed a team to reach our ambitions. Thanks to our fundraising, we have formed a dynamic and talented dream-team, which works every day around strong values: kindness, mutual aid, daring, and passion.