flowlity Simplified

Probabilistic Forecasts

A recognized, award-winning technology! AI-driven sales and consumption forecasting based on your historical data and market signals.

flowlity Synchronized

Optimized Replenishment

Manage stock levels and plan replenishments more efficiently! Flowlity automates planning and alerts users to potential issues.

flowlity Reinvented

Synchronized Supply Chain

Optimize your order process by providing your suppliers with a portal for better visibility of what is coming next so that they can be even more reliable

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Meet the flowliteam!

Meet the flowliteam

We are a tech startup that aims to revolutionize and disrupt the old world of supply chain software. And for that, we needed a team that matched our ambitions. We have formed a dynamic and talented dream team, which works every day around strong values: kindness, mutual support, courage, and passion.