Operations and
Production Planning

Confident decision support to help you with your daily emergencies

Are you struggling with daily emergencies, unforeseen shortages and face difficulties aligning your suppliers and production team constraints?


Flowlity, a solution dedicated to supply chain challenges


Our Intelligent Materials Management Solution (IMMS) was built to give you full support, visibility and confidence to prevent overstocks and maximize product availability.
Less manual work, less emergencies, and more time to focus on high value added activities!


Get intelligent alerts & recommendations to prioritize activities

Have dedicated workflows to automate and streamline your work

Spot potential shortages and react accordingly

Optimize communication with both internal and external stakeholders

Join the revolution!

With the ambition to prevent shortages and overstocks, Flowlity provides a single platform for manufacturers to manage and optimize their material confidently.

A new supply chain software generation, built to tackle raw materials challenges, proactively manage unforeseen disruptions and optimize inventory levels: Intelligent Material Management Solution (IMMS).