Supplier Collaboration

Supplier collaboration and reliability made simple!

Do you still rely on emails and Excel sheets to manage your orders and share your forecast? Do your suppliers lack of visibility?

We make co-planning work.

Flowlity’s Intelligent Materials Management Solution (IMMS) fosters communication and collaboration with suppliers. It provides visibility into supply plans and enables direct feedback from suppliers, promoting a trustworthy and efficient supplier relationship.
Using our Intelligent Materials Management Solution (IMMS), you can optimize your process, share your forecasts, manage your orders, and streamline your partnerships in a few clicks.

With Flowlity’s IMMS you can:

Share forecasts and manage orders in a few clicks

Alert suppliers when a product is nearly out of stock or is selling better than expected

Strengthen your relationship with suppliers and ensure reliability

Avoid bullwhip effect at a larger scale

“We work with around 200 suppliers, from craftsmen with 5 employees to companies employing thousands. Flowlity enables us to make quicker decisions on future orders, and to ensure that we always have our best-sellers in stock. “
Pierre-Yves Marteau • Camif

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what is imms?

 A new supply chain software generation, built to tackle raw materials challenges, proactively manage unforeseen disruptions and optimize inventory levels: Intelligent Material Management Solution (IMMS).

Powered by AI, Flowlity provides better control over materials management and collaboration with suppliers to ensure the right stock at the right time.