S&OP and
Supply Chain Strategy

Take ownership of your supply chain parameters and get complete control and effective decision-making support to tackle disruptions!
Our solution provides real-time monitoring and reporting, empowering you to fine-tune your strategies and align your operations.

With the ambition of providing a digital twin solution, Flowlity’s Intelligent Materials Management Solution (IMMS) enables supply chain decision-makers to:

Simulate your inventory and purchasing strategy by adjusting service levels and product portfolios

Provide better visibility for key decision-makers on key business metrics (turnover, inventory value, …)

Hints and advice in defining your inventory strategy

Challenge your business and financial goals

Simulate purchasing agreements parameters

Act and collaborate with internal 3rd parties (production, purchasing)

A simple yet powerful solution that can simplify daily life, build a resilient supply chain, prevent shortages and overstocking, improve customer satisfaction, and give back control over ERP parameters.

Align operations to strategic goals

Find it hard to have full visibility on your future performances, inventory value targets, product availability, or anticipate supply chain disruptions? We got you!

Powered by AI, Flowlity provides better control over materials management and collaboration with suppliers to ensure the right stock at the right time.