This holiday season, we are back with our meet-the-team!
We bring Jessica Delplace, our Office Manager.


Let us begin the interview by briefly introducing yourself and what you do.

I am Jessica Deplace, and I have been an office manager for the past seven years. When I started working as an Office manager, the position was not that common. There was no school, no professional training, nothing! CEOs of young start-ups needed someone who could do it all but having an assistant was too old-fashioned. Hence, my job role came into the picture.  My job involved different disciplines like accounting, HR, finance, etc. I came to Flowlity in January 2022 and worked closely with literally everyone. I watered plants, managed a Christmas party, and organized this year’s Flowrum in the castle! Before Flowlity, I worked with a start-up that merged with a giant tech company, ended my job, and made way for my new family at Flowlity. 


As you touch everyone’s life at Flowlity, what do you think about the Flowliteam? 

I love my co-workers! I was sad to leave my previous company because of the bond we built, but Flowlity filled that void. I get to talk to everyone and understand their feelings and what makes them sad or happy. As an Office Manager, I always flew solo and never had a team. This is the first time I have been attached to the marketing team and have a manager. Honestly, this feeling is scary but amazing. I love being part of a team and feel the warmth and support that comes with it.


You were in the US from 14-18 years old for your high school. How was your experience?

It was the best experience of my teenage life. I only knew the french way of living, but it was quite different in America. Also, I learned English, made friends, and became a cheerleader. I lived the American cliche school life you would have seen in American movies like High School Musical!


That sounds fun! What does your typical weekend look like? 

I am Office Manager at the office and a family manager at home. I love my family and the time I spend with them. Especially with my daughter! During the weekends, I walk my dog, plan different activities with my daughter, and spend some time alone. As my daughter is growing up, I am trying to develop a new relationship with her by talking about complex topics like religion, racism, and discrimination and even fun topics like shopping!


That sounds wonderful! The last question, describe Flowlity in 3 words! 

That is a hard and tricky question. I would say:

TRUST: We all work from home, and we need to have a lot of confidence in each other, which we do! 

CARING & KIND: People are caring and are genuinely interested in your well-being. It is not just I asking how they are doing, but it goes the other way around. They are concerned and helpful.

APPROACHABLE: It is easy to talk to everyone about everything, be it a hard topic. They are pretty approachable, so it is not scary at all.