This summer, we bring back our meet-the-team sessions! We begin with our Sales Development Representative Megan Keith, to kick off our introductions! 


Hello Megan, let us start with an introduction about yourself and what brought you to Flowlity?

Megan: Hello, I am Megan Keith, and I am a Canadian. I have lived my whole life in Canada and moved to France for my Master’s. You would be surprised to know that I began my Criminology undergrad and wanted to be a Lawyer. But by the time I reached my 3rd/4th year, I was moved by the podcasts I was listening to on entrepreneurship, start-ups, and small businesses. I then realized that I was in the wrong field and had to switch. Also, as Canada is a French and English-speaking country, I wanted to keep both languages alive wherever I went. Finally, I came to Bordeaux for my Master’s in International Business Management. I really liked my courses in logistics and planning.  So Flowlity checked all the boxes for me in terms of role and company missions. Hence, I joined the flowliteam in June 2022.


What do you do at Flowlity? How does it feel within the team?

Megan: I work as a Sales Development Representative targeting English-speaking markets, i.e., BENELUX, UK/IE, Canada, and the USA. My day-to-day comprises finding prospects, addressing their supply chain problems, and efficiently introducing our solution. 

As the first SDR for the English market, the one thing I love about my team is the flexibility it provides. I can choose the industries I want to target, create personalized email sequences, and send out  LinkedIn messages to explore different ways to find the right prospects for us.  The team also allows me to explore different strategies in terms of making our emails more dynamic and innovative, which I love!


Let us talk about Canada! If I visited the country, what is one activity and food that I cannot miss? 

Megan: Well, there is a lot to do in Canada! My suggestion is to visit the country in the winter as it’s known for its snow.  However our summers are also very hot, and if you are into nature, you will always find different hikes to explore. 

An activity that I would recommend for the winter is skiing and or sledding. You can go sledding in your backyard (what I did growing up) or you can find many commercial hills where you can rent a large snow tube and take them to go down the hill!

Our most famous food is definitely Poutine!  It’s more of a late-night food many Canadians enjoy.  You will find the best poutine in Montreal.  Since Canada has many farms, a lot of our restaurants have farm-to-table ingredients. 


Since you came to France as a foreigner, what is something you recommend people coming to France for the first time to do?

Megan: I think it’s fair to say that visiting the big cities in France (Paris, Nice, Bordeaux, etc) is obviously very nice.  However, I really recommend walking/taking the train to the smaller cities surrounding the big ones.  I think it’s here where you really start to understand France’s fantastic life, culture, and food. 


Lastly, If someone does not know Flowlity, how would you describe it in 3 words?

Megan: That is tough to summarize only in three words. I would say: 

Innovative: We have lots of flexibility when it comes to who we target and what we target.  We are constantly thinking of new dynamic ways to reach a prospect and get them to understand Flowlity’s true value. 

Determined: We all share the same vision as our co-founders, and it is incredible to see how the whole team is working towards the same goal, making it their own. 

Collaborative: Our SDR and Marketing teams work hand in hand as well, and we strongly collaborate with delivery and pre-sales teams. Even though we are a start-up, we are very organized and well operative across channels and boards.