New year, new trends. The mechanisms of supply chain management keep moving and evolving in diverse areas. Analyzing the current supply chain trends and predicting them are the keys to stand out from the competition and meet the customer’s requirements.


So, what are the current Supply Chain trends for 2022? 


More Omnicanality

The omnichannel experience enables consumers to combine multiple channels of communication with the company, providing a unique and fully personalized shopping process. The key to success will obviously remain the mastering of data, logistics, and omnichannel to improve the customer experience.

Omnichannel services will allow businesses to offer a better customer experience and improved delivery convenience.


Here are some omnichannel experiences developed by the world’s top brands >. 


Circular supply chains

In order to cope with the rising costs of raw materials and their volatile availability, a number of companies are willing to embrace a circular supply chain.

With a circular supply chain, companies can spend less on raw materials and, in turn, enjoy reduced risks of price volatility. In addition, a circular supply chain creates less unnecessary waste, which helps companies to reduce their overall environmental impact. 


The advent of technology

According to GB Bullhound software has become a critical investment for retailers and suppliers within their supply chains, particularly software that enables connectivity. The global market is expected to grow to over $20bn in 2022. 

The development of new supply softwares to adapt to the rise of technology in markets and to maximize results pre-covid is increasing drastically. It will be a move to keep an eye on for a lot of companies.


A closer collaborations between the actors

It appears that distributors and suppliers will have a closer collaboration than before. This is directly linked to all the disruptions that occured the past years. This relationship will improve delivery, reduce costs, ameliorate the satisfaction of consumers. Also, create more stability for the present and the future.


We just discussed a few of the major trends of 2022 regarding retail or industry. Don’t miss out on the other topics to be aware of! >

Pave the way 

As the effects of the health crisis continue to impact the world, even 2022, companies will have limited choices. They have to adapt their strategies and ways of operation to maximize profits, if they want to stay competative. Technology will be one of the major driving and invisible forces behind this.

Therefore, an experienced partner will be an incredible ally to get the most of the latest logistics and supply chain trends. 


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