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The real cost of shortages & overstocks


This is the increase in the number of days of inventory for manufacturers and retailers between 2004 and 2019.

Each year, trillions of dollars are lost as a result of shortages or overstocks by manufacturers and retailers. Even though most companies have an ERP system and good visibility of their inventory, mismanagement of stock and the associated financial losses have never been greater.


A systemic challenge

The traditional way to solve the problem was to make the individual company more efficient, but in the modern world, companies are becoming increasingly interconnected and so too are their supply chains. Stock optimization issues cannot be solved by considering the company in isolation.


From Day 1, Flowlity has been conceived and built as a network. Our technology has been developed so that the solution can act as a trusted third party between the different stakeholders in the supply chain.


By combining this architecture with AI, we provide a whole new approach that can mitigate volatility and produce more stable plans.

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