Mastering Supply Chain Disruptions: Tactical Solutions

Post-COVID, key stakeholders understand the need to advance with the advancement of technology and look forward to building a tactical platform that can provide them with better hindsight, with real-time data analysis and day-to-day evaluation of their SKUs and processes. According to Forbes, the digital twins market will rise by 40%. Manufacturers are aligning with these technologies to improve their decision-making and supply chain resilience.

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How to improve supply chain disruptions management with the correct tool? 

Based on many interviews and discussions with professionals from Saint Gobain, Substipharm, LVMH, and many others, Flowlity successfully created a tool to face the current biggest supply chain challenge: Complete control and accurate decision-making to tackle disruptions effectively.

With the ambition of getting closer to a digital twin solution, the Flowlity solution enables supply chain decision-makers: 

  1. Have complete control across the supply chain: the solution identifies and anticipates ongoing or upcoming disruptions and enables you to create simulations. These results help to react faster than the competitors and maintain a stable market position and revenue.
  2. To optimize communication across departments for different stakeholders. This helps to identify the impact of disruptions on finances, product availability, marketing plan, inventory value target, delivery performance, etc., which helps to make an accurate business plan.
  3. To run different scenarios at any level and evaluate their efficiency and impact to optimize decision-making. Hence, simulations, decisions, planning, etc. are closely aligned with business goals.

Unlike S&OP and Supply Chain Control Tower, Flowlity Tactical predicts the evolution of essential business metrics like inventory value, turnover, and availability of products based on the choices made during inventory strategy. Also, it automatically adjusts the company’s ERP parameters to avoid gaps between planning and execution. 

The tool enables its users or key decision-makers to build scenarios to overcome their supply and demand issues. It ensures that scenarios are built in alignment with companies’ operations and goals even during complex disruptions to maximize the return on investment.

Discover a demo of Flowlity Tactical in our latest webinar.