Meet Grégoire Reuter: A Key Member of the Flowlity Team

In this article, we are thrilled to introduce you to one of our key team members, Grégoire Reuter – Head of Product at Flowlity.


Please introduce yourself and explain what brought you to Flowlity.


Greg: Sure! I have been working in product management for five years and joined Flowlity a year and a half ago. What attracted me to Flowlity was the excitement of solving a significant problem in the supply chain space. Having previously worked in the operational aspects of the supply chain, I saw an opportunity to apply my expertise and contribute to the company’s success.


In my previous roles, I was part of larger organizations, but I had a strong desire to transition to a smaller company where I could work closely with smaller teams, be more efficient, and truly connect with my colleagues on a personal level. Finding the perfect balance between my professional experience and a more human-centric approach was vital to me. Today, I feel rejuvenated and invigorated by the fit between my skills and the warm camaraderie within Flowlity.


What do you do at Flowlity? How do you have an impact at Flowlity?


Greg: As the Head of Product at Flowlity, my role is crucial in shaping the direction of our product and ensuring its continuous evolution to effectively meet market demands. My primary focus revolves around addressing the challenges faced by our users and customers. This involves thorough market & user research to identify the problems that need to be solved, and then collaborating closely with the tech & research teams to implement the solution that makes a difference into the product.


Maintaining constant communication with our users and customers is essential in gaining a deeper understanding of their needs and expectations. By bridging the gap between the technical aspects and the user requirements, I play a pivotal role in delivering the right product that aligns perfectly with our customers’ needs.


How does your first-hand experience working internally in supply chain teams at large companies like Airbus and Ariane Group contribute to your everyday role as a product manager?


Greg: Having spent nearly a decade in the supply chain space, my previous experience working with esteemed companies like Airbus and Ariane Group has been invaluable in my current role as Head of Product at Flowlity. It allows me to empathize with the challenges that professionals in this field face on a day-to-day basis. Having walked in their shoes, I understand the pain points and the specific needs they have.


This first-hand experience serves as a guiding light, helping me shape our product in a way that addresses these challenges and brings real value to our users. Knowing what our customers have experienced firsthand enables me to truly understand their requirements and expectations, which, in turn, helps me fine-tune Flowlity’s capabilities to meet their unique demands.


Ultimately, my journey in the supply chain space has not only honed my expertise but also given me a profound connection with our users. This connection drives me to continually enhance our product and ensure that Flowlity remains an indispensable tool in transforming supply chain planning.


If someone does not know Flowlity, how would you describe it in 3 words?


Greg: Dynamic, Exciting, Human Experience.


Flowlity is dynamic, with a strong focus on objectives while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. We’re flexible and capable of solving problems, adapting swiftly to change when needed.


It’s an exciting place to be, as we constantly face new challenges and work closely with other teams, fostering a collective approach to problem-solving.


Moreover, Flowlity offers a unique human experience. As a small company, we build close relationships with our colleagues and customers, creating a collaborative and supportive environment.


Flowlity is a remote-friendly company, meaning we have team members all over Europe. Specifically in France, we have team members located in Paris, Lyon, and Bordeaux. For someone visiting France for the first time, what city do you recommend they visit out of those choices and why?


Greg: Easy one: I would definitely recommend Bordeaux. Bordeaux is where I moved recently with my family! The city is beautiful, and it offers a fantastic blend of experiences. If you enjoy good food and wine, warm weather, and the allure of the ocean with opportunities for surfing, then Bordeaux is a great place to be. Its charm, vibrant culture and stunning architecture make it a must-visit destination for anyone exploring France.


For more information about Flowlity or to connect with Greg, feel free to write us at hello@flowlity.com.