Meet the Team: Ludovic Lemerle

Hello Ludo, let us start with an introduction about yourself and what brought you to Flowlity.


Hello, I’m Ludovic, 40 years old, married, and a father of two. With an engineering degree, I’ve dedicated my career to large corporations like IBM and Anaplan, accumulating 15 years of experience in selling planning software. My journey led me to Anaplan, where over eight years, I witnessed remarkable growth and success. Seeking a fresh perspective and a new challenge, I departed in 2022.


My goal  was to join a smaller yet ambitious company, one aimed  to disrupt a market and propel towards success. Flowlity became the ideal choice due to its disruptive nature and its innovative solution addressing longstanding issues within the supply chain planning space. The company’s potential to revolutionize the industry and solve critical problems resonated deeply with my aspirations, motivating me to become a part of Flowlity’s team.


What do you do at Flowlity? How do you have an impact at Flowlity?


As the Head of Sales at Flowlity, my primary responsibility involves spearheading the sales strategy. Drawing from my extensive background in structured corporate environments, I leverage my experience to enhance team organization, streamline processes, and set standards tailored to optimize Flowlity’s sales cycles for success.


My expertise lies in comprehending sales cycles and identifying potential roadblocks. By infusing this knowledge into our team, I facilitate a better understanding of how to plan and execute sales cycles, enabling us to navigate challenges more effectively.


How have your previous roles and experiences equipped you to identify and address the unique needs of Flowlity’s customers? 


My career journey, especially in supply chain planning, has been instrumental in understanding and tackling the challenges that Flowlity’s customers encounter. In the realm of supply chain planning software, I’ve navigated the landscape for over 15 years. Despite technological advancements, operational efficiency remains a persistent hurdle for supply chain and operations departments.

This insight into these inefficiencies in traditional approaches aligns perfectly with Flowlity’s mission. Flowlity introduces an innovative solution that disrupts these inefficiencies by automating supply chain planning processes and introducing new paradigms to the supply chain industry.


My experience in decoding customer challenges, especially within supply chain planning, gives me a unique advantage at Flowlity. It allows me to identify these pain points swiftly and align our solution directly with the critical needs of our customers, paving the way for more effective problem-solving and customer-centric innovation.


Interviewer: If someone does not know Flowlity, how would you describe it in 3 words?

Smart: Flowlity embodies intelligence, both in its innovative solution and the exceptional team behind it. The caliber of our team reflects the sophistication of our tool.

Resourceful: We’re problem solvers at our core. When our customers face challenges, we swiftly deliver tailored solutions, showcasing our resourcefulness in addressing their needs.

Ambitious: In a market inundated with solutions, the enduring challenges in supply chain planning persist. Flowlity stands apart with a clear ambition—to bridge this gap and emerge as a leader in the supply chain planning industry by tackling these longstanding issues head-on.


Transitioning from larger corporations to a scale-up like Flowlity must be quite a change. How has this shift impacted your experience?


The transition has been an invigorating change for me. Moving from the structured environment of established corporations to a dynamic scale-up like Flowlity has been a refreshing shift. Here, the team is smaller and more youthful, which has offered me a new perspective.


This transition has allowed me to acquire fresh skills, particularly in adapting to new internal tools and embracing remote work methodologies. Despite the differences, my experience at Flowlity has been very positive and seamless.


For more information about Flowlity or to connect with Ludovic, feel free to write us at hello@flowlity.com.