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In a world where every moment counts and responsiveness is key to success, why remain bogged down in 20-day S&OP cycles? 


Despite massive investments in ERP and APS systems, the reality remains stark: a 32% increase in inventories in 15 years, frequent shortages, and efficiency lost in the maze of outdated processes. The traditional lowest-cost approach is no longer sufficient. Alarmingly, less than 9% of companies possess a responsive or agile supply chain, while demand and supply are becoming increasingly volatile.

“Most decisions are still made with Excel spreadsheets, despite investments in advanced planning systems (APS),” notes Lora Cecere, Founder of Supply Chain Insights Magazine.


It’s time to change course. In this age of ChatGPT, where artificial intelligence is shaping the future, the question is simple: how do we move from a manual to an automated supply chain?


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Reduce S&OP cycles: Move from 20 days to shorter cycles without compromising efficiency.

Optimize inventory management: Eliminate unnecessary surpluses and minimize the risk of shortages.

Become responsive and agile: Adapt quickly to changing demand without compromising the reliability of results.

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