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Big data

Big data : The valuable ally of E-Commerce

30 November 2021

E-Commerce is currently facing various challenges with an increasingly competitive global market, more exigent and volatile customers, a larger number of orders to process and so on.  The question that e-commerce operators must address themselves is the following one : How do I meet my clients expectations and still stand out from the competition ?

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Jérémie Serout

E-commerce trends: Tips by Jeremie Serout!

28 September 2021

What are the the latest trends and best practices in e-commerce?  Jérémie Serout, Sales Manager at parcelLab is sharing tips and customer stories with us! Happy reading!   Hello! Would you like to start by briefly telling us a bit about yourself? My name is Jérémie Serout, and I have been lucky enough to work

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