Use Case: Streamlining Home Design to Avoid Overstock and Shipping Delays

Pandemic restrictions ended, but working from home is still quite popular worldwide. With deepened housing crisis affecting majorly renters, many customers are striving to be house owners. 

Given the rise of digitalization, e-commerce, and limited working hours, customers are opting to design their dream homes online at the click of a button instead of in-store visits. In 2020, a small start-up was founded in France with the aim of designing and offering customers the opportunity to reside in a truly unique and personalized dream home.

The creative start-up provides the best products, and advice to implement your project,  be it a new kitchen, wardrobe, or bathroom. Given tremendous growth, the start-up faced several new supply chain challenges. Initially, the start-up used Excel to manage their raw material replenishment. With increasing inventory and key stakeholders, inventory management became complicated and inaccurate.

Flowlity and the creative start-up came together to accomplish the following: 


  1. To generate a 12-month replenishment plan, which will solve the issue of overstocking and increased lead times
  2. Flowlity to provide visibility to suppliers for 12 months


The collaboration between the creative start-up and Flowlity commenced in October 2022, involving the transfer of historic data and alignment with the KPIs for the key users. Flowlity was implemented with the full scope of 1200 SKUs and 2 warehouses. 

After swiftly implementing weekly recommendations, supplier portal testing, and dynamic integration, the collaboration between the start-up and Flowlity flourished, garnering positive feedback. To further fortify their supply chain, the upcoming milestones include the implementation of Flowlity Tactical starting from July 2023 and the full integration of the Supplier Portal.

One of the procurement planners expressed their satisfaction, stating, “It works very well, the recommendations are getting more and more accurate, I use it fully”.

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