Struggling with your raw materials replenishment in a volatile market?

According to Benjamin Nitsche and his paper “Unraveling the Complexity of Supply Chain Volatility Management”, your own organization is responsible for, on average, 34% of the volatility that you might experience.

Why so much inner volatility?

Today, 99.99% of manufacturers and retailers rely on a deterministic model to place inventories and replenishments: the MRP model.

Yet, MRP was created at a time when there were fewer products, fewer customers, fewer suppliers, and supply chains were local. Uncertainty and complexity were lower. Is this model still relevant today?

Has MRP reached its limits and can no longer provide a good inventory balance? What could you do as a supply chain decision-maker to improve your replenishment and prevent shortages and overstocking?

Join us  and learn how the latest technologies and supply chain trends could help you optimize your operations and cash flow!

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