As Plum Living flourished, so did the complexities of its supply chain management.

Initially reliant on Excel, the startup faced challenges of inaccuracies and inefficiencies amidst rising demand. Recognizing the need for a comprehensive digital solution to navigate inventory intricacies, coordinate with suppliers, and optimize lead times, the call for change became evident.

Discover Remarkable Achievements:

Learn how Plum Living reduced their stock value by 21% within the first year!

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* Insightful Journey: Trace Plum Living’s transition from manual processes to a digitized supply chain ecosystem, overcoming hurdles and maximizing efficiency.

  • Real-world Solutions: Delve into strategies employed by Plum Living and Flowlity to synchronize operations seamlessly, optimizing inventory management and supplier relationships.

  • Tangible Results: Witness the outcomes of this collaboration, including reduced overstock, streamlined processes, and enhanced control over inventory.

  • Future Vision: Gain exclusive insights into Plum Living’s future endeavors, including the integration of advanced modules to predict business metrics and fortify supply chain resilience.


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