Maximize your resources and operational efficiency: Gurobi x Flowlity

Join us on ... and learn how operational research could help you tackle your supply chain Challenges!

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A digital and agile supply chain to support the demands of retail

For a very long time supply chain optimization has been viewed as cost heavy. But the standards have changed.

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Building a future towards a greener and sustainable supply chain

How can we build a better, greener, and sustainable supply chain?

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Data analysis

Are you utilizing your data correctly?

Statistically, around 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created every day. Data-centric decision-making companies are 12.5% more profitable than their counterparts but only 11% of companies do so.

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No place for Collaborative Planning Forecasting and Replenishment (CPFR)?

CPFR is a collaborative supply chain strategy adopted by large distributors and their even bigger suppliers. But after more than 20 years of decline, what can we say about these projects today?

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How to forecast and optimize your inventories in a volatile market?

If awareness has been growing since the pandemic, how can we prepare for the unpredictable? Faced with an unparalleled event, are historical data and classical models enough?

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La Redoute

Packaging optimization at La Redoute

In a context where e-commerce is becoming more and more wasteful, having the right container for each product sold is becoming a key issue.

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Danone case study

Danone digitizes its replenishment process

The collaboration started in January 2020. With a call for projects from Danone in collaboration with Microsoft "AI Factory For AgriFood."

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mature and synchronised supply chain

Discovering a mature and synchronised supply chain

In this white paper, test your supply chain's maturity and discover how to build a resilient and perennial supply chain to gain maturity in 3 steps.

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