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Embrace the story of Plum Living, redefining interior design with a blend of elegance and innovation!

15 May 2024

Discover how Plum Living transformed interior design with innovation and efficiency. Learn their secrets to reducing stock value by 21% and optimizing supply chains.

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Partner Day

23 April 2024

We're thrilled to invite you to our very first Flowlity Partner Day, on June 4th! Experience firsthand the transformative power of our solutions!

Elevating S&OP with AI & Automation: A Strategic Guide for Supply Chain Directors 

20 March 2024

Download our whitepaper now to elevate your S&OP with AI and automation!

Elevating your S&OP process with AI and automation

29 January 2024

Watch our exclusive webinar for an insightful exploration to understand how to elevate your S&OP processes with AI and automation.

Supply Chain 4.0: Unleash the Potential of Automation

5 January 2024

Download our white paper now and embark on a journey toward supply chain automation!


Cracking the Code: New and Improved Approaches to Supply Planning to Increase Material Availability and Reduce Stock

20 November 2023

Watch our exclusive webinar for an insightful exploration of cutting-edge inventory management practices and technologies.


Enhancing Profitability and Resilience Through Raw Material Optimization

2 October 2023

Download our white paper now and embark on a journey toward supply chain excellence with IMMS


Managing volatility by enhancing raw material replenishments

2 October 2023

Organizations and their global supply chains are constantly facing unpredictability. Companies need a tool to improve the visibility of their operations.


Why are S&OP and Supply chain Control Towers not enough for today’s supply chains?

2 October 2023

Organizations and their global supply chains are constantly facing unpredictability. Companies need a tool to improve the visibility of their operations.


Building a future with sustainable supply chains

29 September 2023

In this volatile market, it is hard to manage the bottom line and the green line. How will companies manage their ESG standards?


The challenges of Growth and Supply Chain management

29 September 2023

If you are looking to develop your logistics and supply chain to support and maintain your development, you are in the right place!


A digital and agile supply chain to support the demands of retail

29 September 2023

For a very long time supply chain optimization has been viewed as cost heavy. But the standards have changed.

Pathway towards a Data Mature Organization

29 September 2023

Statistically, around 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created every day. Data-centric decision-making companies are 12.5% more profitable than their counterparts but only 11% of companies do so.


Collaborative Planning Forecasting and Replenishment (CPFR): The end of an era?

29 September 2023

CPFR is a collaborative supply chain strategy adopted by large distributors and their even bigger suppliers. But after more than 20 years of decline, what can we say about these projects today?


Retail supply chains and the challenges of customer experience

29 September 2023

With the pandemic and the prevalence of e-commerce, the changes that were already underway have accelerated, leading to unparalleled digitalization and process review.


Resilient Planning: The future of supply chain

29 September 2023

Download our white paper and discover how to build a more resilient supply chain.


Data & the Supply Chain: Rethink your safety stocks

29 September 2023

How should we rethink our safety stocks? How can we optimize stocks of raw materials and components, and how can new technologies help?


Industry challenges: Raw material scarcity and supply chain resilience

29 September 2023

Learn how to deal with Raw material scarcity and supply chain resilience!


Webinar: Raw Material Replenishment - Why your MRP is not enough?

29 September 2023

Struggling with your raw materials replenishment in a volatile market? This webinar is for you!


Webinar: How to gain control over your supply chain and operations?

29 September 2023

85% of supply chain experts believe that supply chain complexities are a growing challenge. How to gain complete visibility over your operations if current solutions are not effective anymore?

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Maximize your resources and operational efficiency: Gurobi x Flowlity

28 September 2023

Join us on ... and learn how operational research could help you tackle your supply chain Challenges!

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Webinar: Building a future towards a greener and sustainable supply chain

28 September 2023

How can we build a better, greener, and sustainable supply chain?


Webinar: How to forecast and optimize your inventories in a volatile market?

28 September 2023

If awareness has been growing since the pandemic, how can we prepare for the unpredictable? Faced with an unparalleled event, are historical data and classical models enough?


Webinar: A masterclass in AI!

28 September 2023

Arnaud Cadas, Ph.D. and R&D engineer, shared his knowledge of artificial intelligence and the latest advancement in the field.

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Moving towards a mature and synchronized supply chain

28 September 2023

Test your supply chain's maturity and discover how to build a resilient and perennial supply chain to gain maturity in 3 steps.


Webinar: Improving visibility on the extended supply chain

27 August 2023

Pandemic made the industries experience a period of unprecedented shortage. The risk of losing customers is greater than ever. Learn with our webinar, how to improve visibility on the extended supply chain.


Packaging optimization at La Redoute

26 August 2023

In a context where e-commerce is becoming more and more wasteful, having the right container for each product sold is becoming a key issue.


Danone digitizes its replenishment process

25 August 2023

The collaboration started in January 2020. With a call for projects from Danone in collaboration with Microsoft "AI Factory For AgriFood."